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Hi I’m Kylie!

I’m what I like to call a multi-passionate individual. I’ve been a heavy duty equipment operator, youth worker and attended school for nursing only to end up dropping out and becoming a health coach.

I’ve coached over 100 people in 17 different countries to transform and take back control of their health. Now with the skills I used to build my business, you’ll find me using to help others do the same, through my photography. 

Before I skip ahead too fast – let me share with you how I got here!

How It Began

Photography was something that I took an interest in at a very young age. I was 6 years old when I received my first film camera for Christmas and it was one of my favourite gifts. My childhood wasn’t the picture perfect experience. I lost three immediate family members before I turned ten years old. One of them being my father when I was five, then my closest grandmother when I was seven and the grandfather I shared a birthday with when I was nine. 

Photos to me were how I remembered those I loved. I wanted to continue to have memories to cherish as I grew up, so I learnt how to use a camera.

Trial and Error

As I got older my sister and I would go out and do our own ‘photoshoots’ – these pictures are cringe worthy, but they are a part of my journey and I am sure you have some similar ones too! These sessions taught me about lighting, posing and the basics of photography. 

When I entered high school we had a photography course for Grade 11/12 students. In Grade 9 I snuck in there and that is when I began my little side hustle, Still Reality Photography. Most teenagers went to work at McDonald’s or the local mill in town, not me though I started a photography business! I completed over 40 photoshoots in 2 years.

The First Planned Photoshoot

First Family Session

Graduation Sessions

Sister Sessions

Back to Basics

By Grade 12, I of course had already taken photography too many times to be in the class again, so instead I did an independent study course which allowed me to fix up the school’s old Dark Room and adventure deeper into Analogue photography. All the while I sought out other mentors in the photography industry and even attended a workshop with Lara Jade Photography.

Learning Film Photography

Kylie at Lara Jade’s Workshop

Practicing More

My 1st Studio Session

Next Steps

Graduation! I’d applied to Emily Carr University to study photography, but decided to take the ‘safe route’ and pursue a career in Nursing. While I was studying nursing I was also attending 2nd and 3rd year photography courses. I fell in LOVE with the dark room all over again and had multiple gallery showings throughout my time at Thompson Rivers University.

Time to Explore

I continued to do photoshoots here and there just for fun, as well as travel photography as I adventured to numerous different countries. This time period in my life was more about exploring all my career options and seeing what else is out there. This is where I then found myself working for a marketing agency and being an online coach. 


When I started my coaching business I dove head first into learning. Over the years I invested over $25,000 into learning about marketing, branding and how to position yourself online in our ever changing world. This landed me a job being the manager of a company with over 500 coaches worldwide. I not only got to assist in teaching them how to coach, but also got to show them how to build an online brand and business that’s unique to them.

Film, shot and developed by Kylie

Kylie’s display in an art gallery

Studio portrait session

Film, shot and developed by Kylie

I know what it’s like to design a website from scratch, to create lead magnets that convert your customers into clients, to build sales pages that SELL your products, to run launches that drive the traffic you need and I also know how to capture images that you can use on social media, your website and all marketing platforms. 


Today I LOVE to combine the knowledge I gained over the past 5 years and my skills as a photographer to help other small businesses stand out from the crowd through their images.

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What’s Happening Now

My most recent adventure has been becoming a Mother. With this major life transition I have found myself falling in LOVE with portrait photography all over again. Not only do I focus on businesses but I also focus on capturing timeless portraits for families.

I am working on pursuing photography full-time so I can stay home with my little ones and watch them grow, while still doing something I love! 


Thank you for considering me to be your photographer!

“Travel is one thing you buy that always makes you richer.”

Hadza Bushmen, Tanzania

Hadza Bushmen, Tanzania

Hadza Bushmen, Tanzania

Xeni, Canada

Tallinn, Estonia

Berlin, Germany

Hope, Canada

New York, USA

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My journey is far from complete and there are many different places I know it will take me! 

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