Minor Fastball


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What you need to know:

  • Deadline to order prints: May 31, 2024
  • NO late print orders will be accepted
  • Deadline to order digital images: June 14, 2024
  • Print pick up will be organized through the Minor Fastball League
  • Optional to pay for shipping ($13.00)



What to include on Trader Cards:

If you are ordering custom Trading Cards, please email me the following information below:

  • Player’s Position
  • Player’s Age
  • Team Name (if want something different)
  • Coach

All trading cards will be printed with the selected image at checkout on the front and the team photo on the back.


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Meet Kylie

    Kylie has managed a part-time photography business since 2013. She’s photographed newborns, families, seniors, event and sport photography. 

    What you should know about working with Kylie:

    1. THE EXTRA MILE  – Kylie has experience not only in photography, but is also a youth worker. She goes out of her way to ensure all children feel comfortable and at ease having their photograph taken. She will never force a child to have their photo captured and is more than willing to have them come back multiple times until they are comfortable.

    2. PAPERLESS – Kylie is currently using a system that allows for the ordering process to be compeletly paperless.

    3. ONLINE GALLERY – Parents can view their child’s images within 3 business days.

    4. RESPONSE TIME – Due to working 2 jobs, Kylie’s response time for Facebook messages and emails is 48 hours. Thank you for being patient. 


    Subjust to change*


    Packages Offered:

    ~ Custom packages can be created ~

    GST not included in pricing below

    front (3)


    How do I order my images?

    You will be emailed a link to order your images online within 36 hours after the photos are captured. The email will be the same one you registered your child with.

    If you do not recieve an email, don’t worry this happens! Just send Kylie an email at: hello@kfphotography.ca and she will get you the link. 

    What is the last day to order?

    The last day to order is May 31st, 2024. I cannot  accept late orders this year. 

    Why are you not accepting late orders?

    I know life happens, I get it! However, I cannot accept late orders this year because I will be going on maternity leave in June and my business cannot operate while I am on leave. If you’d like to order your child’s photos in Spring  2025 you can reach out then!

    Digital copies can be ordered until: June 14, 2024


    When can I expect a response to my question?

    I strive to answer all emails and messages within 48 hours, thank you for being patient.

    Why do I have to pay GST?

    As a registered business I legally have to charge GST on all packages offered. If you miss paying your GST, I will reach out and ask for it before I order your images. 

    What if parents want to order separately?

    Each player can have two parents order, please send me an email at: hello@kfphotography.ca if you want to order images separately

    I don't want to order online?

    All orders must be placed online. If you are having complications, please reach out to Kylie: hello@kfphotography.ca

    Why do you only offer single digital downloads?

    I only off single image digital downloads, becasue some galleries will have 2 photos of a child and some may have 6 depending on how their individual session goes. 

    I do not offer discounts on digital downloads, due to past unfortunate experiences. 

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