Meet Kylie

Kylie has managed a part-time photography business since 2013. She’s photographed newborns, families, seniors, sports and event photography. 

Her favourite thing about photography is having someones personality and essence be captured in an image that makes them light up when they see it. 

Kylie, has recently transitioned into branding/business photography, because as a small business owner herself she understands the value in having images that truly showcase who you are and what you do.

How It Began

Kylie got her first film camera when she was eight years old. Since then she has been capturing images of her own. Kylie lost many immediate family members when she was young and quickly turned to photography to capture moments to treasure for years to come. By the time she was in Grade 12 she had already been running a small photography business, unlike most young kids who go find a job, she created her own.

Kylie ended up attending Thompson Rivers University where she continued to study photography and take all the courses she possibly could. She fell in love with the darkroom and went back to the very basic of developing and printing your very own work. Below you’ll find some images that showcase her previous work. 

Film, shot and developed by Kylie

Kylie’s display in an art gallery

Kylie at Lara Jade’s Workshop

Film, shot and developed by Kylie

What You Should Know

Kylie defines herself as someone who is multi-passionate. You’ll find her operating heavy duty equipment, attending ballet classes, leading 90 day health challenges hanging out with her dog Paris or on an adventure.

She is the type of person who thrives on being on the go and keeping busy. If she’s not out taking pictures for you, you’ll find her hanging out on Catching Kylie’s Instagram.

Check out Catching Kylie below:

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